Create a simple site using php and json

There are many solutions to create a site using out-of-the-box software such as WordPress or Django. However sometimes we just need a very simple custom model such as a portfolio list, or some events. You may want to update your data, but have the paging and templates update automatically.

Here is a simple solution which allows you to use PHP to load json files (as data) and then render page templates using TWIG template engine. This solution is fully compatible to then run the json feeds from external sources or APIs at a later date!

Circular loading bar using css only

I've recently started a new project where audio files are played in loops. This presents an interesting challenge as the loading bar makes more sense to be circular rather than linear. Added to this I also wanted to be able to control the amount of time it takes for the animation to complete, and to be able to loop it. Here is how I achieved it!