Setting up Virtual Machines on Windows 8

1) Go to Hyper-V Manager > right-hand side > Virtual Switch Manager

2) Choose External > Create Virtual Switch > give it a name and choose your internet connection > Apply > Ok

3) Then go back to Hyper-V Manager > right-hand side > New > Virtual Machine > Click Next > Type a Name > Next > Next > Choose the connection you have just created > Next

4) Then choose 'Use an existing virtual hard disk' and browse to the .vhd file of a virtual disk image. You can download different types from Microsoft at:

5) Then it will appear in the Manager list right-click and select 'Start'. When started right-click and select 'Connect'.

6) After booting into Windows you will need to install the Integration services by going to Action > 'Insert Integration Service Disk' if the vhd has previously had these installed you may need to remove them from control panel add/remove programs before this step

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