Did Apple invent anything?

After reading my previous post about why Apple didn't invent the smartphone, I came across some more evidence of how blatant the Apple copying is in design and features across nearly every product they have created. Here I've attempted to compile those infringements into one place.

iPhone name
Originally trademarked by Cisco more than 10 years before the iPhone launched. A legal dispute entailed until Apple agreed to settle.

iPhone design

Very similar to the LG KE850 submitted to the 'IF Design Awards' in September 2006 and was subsequently officially announced December 2006 a month before the iPhone.

iPhone UI

Notice how the iPhone also has similar icons as the LG KE850

The iPhone call screen (right) also had similar styling to the LG KE850 (left)

Clock app interface originally trademarked by Swiss Railways more than 60 years before. A legal dispute entailed until Apple agreed to license use of the clock.

iPhone colours and materials

Apple designer Jony Ive has often mentioned the influence of Braun designer Dieter Rams on his work. Braun Shavers from the 1960s and the original iPhone in black and white.

iPhone Calculator App

Apple's calculator app (left) and Braun's calculator by Dieter Rams (right)

iPad name
Was originally trademarked by Fujitsu more than 8 years before the iPad launched. A legal dispute entailed until Apple agreeing to buy the name.

iPad design

Shenzhen P88 tablet announced October 2009 more than 3 months before the iPad 1

Samsung photo frame announced in 2006, more than 4 years before the iPad.


Braun infrared emitter (left) by Dieter Rams and Apple's iSight camera (right)