Universal decimal calendar and time system

Our calendar and time system has been around for a very long time, it works well but there are still many painpoints especially timezones,  converting minutes into hours and more.

Here we are going to look at creating a new date/time system which is decimalised and can be used worldwide.

A long time ago French Republican Calendar system was an attempy to decimalise time, along with currency and metrication. It was used between 1793 and 1805 but ultimately failed because of adoption and confusion between the multiple calendar systems. However it was a great idea, and I would like to continue/improve it.

Some things can't change, for example:
  • the length of a year (spring/summer/autumn/winter)
  • the length of a day (daylight/nighttime cycle)
But some things are flexible:
  • the length of a month
  • the length of an hour
  • the length of a minute
  • the length of a second
Some of the changes i'd like to make:
  • 12 months > 10 months
  • 52 weeks > 36.5 weeks
  • 28/31 days per month > 36/37 days per month
  • 24 hours > 20 hours
  • 60 minutes > 100 minutes
  • 60 seconds > 100 seconds
How can we achieve this? I've created a prototype of a clock  using JavaScript. Check out my example below:

If you would like to contribute to the project you can view the source code on github here:

You can view the same demo here:

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